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Some years ago I came across Jason Salavon‘s art, and specifically, his averaged images, such as the Portrait series. I’ve been mesmerized ever since.

More recently I re-discovered Kevin L. Ferguson’s Film Visualization series, in which “each image within the montage is the sum image of every 10th second of each film.”

Film Visualization - Dr. Strange
Film Visualization – Dr. Strange

Other works have been created by Jim Campbell, and although similar, is a different style.

Jim Campbell's Psycho
Jim Campbell’s Psycho

I’ve begun my journey down the rabbit hole and intend to create ‘geek art’ using Python, Processing and various other tools. I currently use Arlo Carreon’s (former coworker) python-image-average script, which he did me the favor of modifying, based on Neil Kandalgaonkar‘s original script that averaged Flickr images.

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